Frank C.

I had used a CPA firm before and not only did they simply do what they did for everyone else, they missed over $12,000 in deductions.  Triumvir Financial to the rescue.  I was able to not only recover the $12k but also learned about how certain investments can be deducted.  Thank you Sarah!

Brent H.

Triumvir Financial saved me $31,000 after our first meeting in sales tax that someone else had advised us incorrectly on.


I engaged a CPA firm to handle our taxes and we would do our own bookkeeping. I needed help the first month getting my POS system to communicate with quickbooks and asked them for help. They said that they don't make 'house-calls' and sent me the link to quickbooks. Triumvir Financial not only came to my office to get it done, but they now do our bookkeeping and tax work allowing me to focus on my own business! I immediately FIRED the other firm.

Richard C.

I had not done taxes in 3 years for my restaurant and frankly was scared. After a consult with Sarah and David, I not only felt comfortable, they worked with me to get all of my taxes caught up and on a tax plan so this never happens again. I can sleep again!