Howdy! From everyone here at Triumvir Financial we send you our best wishes during this unprecedented time.
Thank you to our Business Intelligence Analyst, Patrick for putting this together!

Please be safe when re-integrating in our great State!  We have placed some printable market segment pdfs below from the Governor’s Report for you to use in your businesses if they are appropriate.  More will follow as made available.

There is a lot of information on the internet and Social Media concerning Governor Abbott’s recently released “The Governor’s Report to OPEN TEXAS”.  

Here is a specific Table of Contents that we hope will help all our Texas clients to identify the most safe and responsible ways to open and operate your business during the first stage of

reopening TEXAS.  

The Report allows for the businesses represented on the list below may open at no more than 25% occupancy until Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan is released and more changes follow.

Here is the link to the Governor’s Report:

  1. Pages 1 – 18 contains information that supports opening Texas for business with certain limitations and health references.
  2. Page 19 begins to explain Texas law as it pertains to opening the following approved businesses:
  3. Minimum Standard Health Protocols
  4. Page 20 Checklist for all Individuals
  5. Page 21 – 22 Checklist for all Employers

                                                           iii.      Page 23 Checklist for Retail Employers

  1. Page 24 – 25 Checklist for Retail Employees
  2. Page 26 Checklist for Retail Customers
  3. Page 27 Checklist for Restaurant Employers

                                                          vii.      Page 28 – 29 Checklist for Restaurant Employees

                                                        viii.      Page 30 Checklist for Restaurant Customers

  1. Page 31 – 32 Checklist for Movie Theaters
  2. Page 32 – 33 Checklist for Theater Employees and Facility
  3. Page 34 Checklist for Theater Customers

                                                          xii.      Page 35 – 36 Checklist for Museums and Libraries

                                                        xiii.      Page 37 Checklist for Museum and Library Visitors

                                                        xiv.      Page 38 Checklist for Outdoor Sports Participants

  1. Page 39 – 41 Checklist for Churches/Places of Worship

                                                        xvi.      Page 42 – 43 Checklist for Single-Person Offices

                                                       xvii.      Page 44 – 45 Attestation for Counties with Five or Fewer Laboratory-Confirmed Cases

                                                     xviii.      Pages 46 – 55 About the Strike Force to Open Texas

                                                        xix.      Pages 56 – 63 Governor Abbot’s Proactive Response


  1. Additional Links to resources for businesses:
  2. CDC Guidelines:
  3. ADA:

                                                           iii.      OSHA:


Please feel free to reach out to us with all questions and concerns.  Thank you for your time and we hope all is well with you and your families.

See full PDF of the Minimum Standard requirements for all employers, restaurants, retailers and single person offices.

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